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Epiphany (feeling), the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something.

Finally, an EPIPHANY. Im back. Haha. My blog and my so called life has been a shithole for these past few months, but now everything fits in together again. I finally understand it. And imma just leave it that way. =)

Sorry for taking so long. But teh Son Of Rage And Love is back! HAha!


Irony, Metaphor, Bullshits.

Sa kung paanong paraan napaka gulo ng mga personal na gamit ko ay sa parehong paaraan din napaka gulo ngaun ng isip ko.

Hindi ko alam. Siguro talaga lang nagkasunod sunod ang mga problema. Pero bat ganun? Lahat naman ng problema ko tinatawanan ko lang o di kayay binabalewala. Pero bakit ngaun nagpapakawasak ako overcold bottles of escapes which always ends me up puking-drunk-wasted-pessimistic -lame-whine ass?!

I freakin miss the good ol days. If I couldnt have crossed the line. The line that keeps our pure sanity. I shouldnt had spilled it all. I should had kept that to myself. Now here I am ranting how everything turned out to be so damn comlplicating and lame roller coaster ride.

I need to get a life. Seriously. If not, I might snap and screw everything up.

I need an epiphany. And I need it ASAP.


Last Song Syndrome (LSS)

Kagabi di matapos tapos ang nobelang
Binubuo sa mumunting isipan ko
Kakitiran namimilit pang mangatwiran
Iniipon ang mga pagkakataon at sa isang sulok
Ay pinagdurugtong dugtong

Dugtong… Kabit… Kabig… Palit…

Huli na ang lahat para bawiin ang hindi nararapat
Ano ba umayos ka
Wala ng magagawa sa nahulog na
At tayong dalawa

Urong… Sulong…
Urong Sulong na lang ba
Sakit… Bakit…
Bakit ako na lamang ang natitira

Kasalanan mo ang lahat ng to
Bakit ako ang pinagbabayad mo
Kasalanan mo ang lahat ng to
Nagtataka ako
Bakit siya ang pinili mo

UDD’s TAYA. *sigh*

I effin love all UDD songs…From Fragmented to Bipolar. But the irony is, most of thir song is a bitchslap to me. Haha. Well, personal dillema’s and BS aint a reson to hate their songs. Theyre one of the few OPM idie acts that caught my taste in music. And also, I know someone who loves UDD as much as I do. But the thing is, that..that someone -darn. Whatever.

So much for ranting again. Im deeply ashamed of what this blog had become. A portal and mirror of the lamest act of public whinning. Ehrg. I need to STFU. Just for now…


Goodbye my unruly* hair.

April 02, 2009

I lost my so called unruly hair. Ehrg. Its been a year since I last got my hair done. And dammit, Im still frustrated at the fact that I have to cut my hair just to be admitted at our school. Darn.

So much for ranting shits. Whats done is done. Ehrg.

*What she used to call my messed up hair.



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The Youth is on a Mission to Rock Philippine Politics. Be part.

no to CONASS!

2010 is nearing and as expected by many..CHACHA is now being pushed by the shameful CONASS! I would like to adress my shame to our Congressman Roman T. Romulo of Pasig for supporting the very unconstitutional CHACHA through the passing of HR 1109.

Come and join the widespread campaign of protesting against CONASS! Let us blog and post to all of our social networking sites such as Friendster, Multiply, Facebook our rage against the hasty passing of HR 1109.

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Named after the traditional Navajo tobacco pipe given as a peace offering, PEACE PIPE arrives on scene bearing gifts: 10 songs with the same promise of their namesake to transport one from the natural world to the spectral world.
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