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Dressing up..

So I do bet that you guys are familiar with the image on teh left. Especially those Information Technology students like me. But for those that didnt know a thing bout HTML..

We use the tag </> to end a certain command. And from that I do believe that you had already comprehend what Im trying to explain here.

Kung kasing dali lang sana ng isang HTML document ang bawat problema at krisis na hinaharap natin sa buhay. Siguro wala nang kailangang mahirapan at mag-way. Kung pwedeng lang sanang kapag nag type tayo ng </poverty> eh matataos na ang kahirapan sa mundo. Eh di ang sarap sana nun. Kaso lang hindi ganun kadali ang buhay eh. Araw araw tayo nakaka saksi ng mga masasaklap na realidad ng buhay.

Siguro nakakakita rin tayo ng mga taong naghihirap. Or much worse,Nararanasan nating maghirap..first hand. And in these cruel days. Everyone seems to ignore these realities. Were being sidetracked with all the booze and not-so-important things. But there’s something in me that wants to swim against the flow. And spreaking up these days will turn you into a joke. Seriously. To be honest, madalas akong ma dissed sa klase dahil isa raw akong Aktibista. But that aint a big deal. Siguro hindi lang sila ganun ka “mulat”.

And the best way to present yourself as an Activist is by being what you are. From the way you write,,speak and wear your clothes. And according to Kris Canimo..:The coolest way to make your social statement and enable the public to see it is to proudly wear them out – and that is the very reason ClosingTagTees is here. In these high tech days, HTML is like a universal language. Every average person with a modem and a little common sense would easily recognize what’s printed in your shirt, making ClosingTagTees a perfect tool to spread social awareness, and at the same time, personal opinion.”

By seeing whats printed on your shirt..People will start to think deeper. And hopefully the will get hooked too. And by the following day. They will too help eradicate and eliminate the burden that we used to call social Apathy.




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no to CONASS!

2010 is nearing and as expected by many..CHACHA is now being pushed by the shameful CONASS! I would like to adress my shame to our Congressman Roman T. Romulo of Pasig for supporting the very unconstitutional CHACHA through the passing of HR 1109.

Come and join the widespread campaign of protesting against CONASS! Let us blog and post to all of our social networking sites such as Friendster, Multiply, Facebook our rage against the hasty passing of HR 1109.

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Named after the traditional Navajo tobacco pipe given as a peace offering, PEACE PIPE arrives on scene bearing gifts: 10 songs with the same promise of their namesake to transport one from the natural world to the spectral world.
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