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Feb 25, 2010 is Blog Action Day : The real heroes of EDSA

Twenty four years ago, our people toppled a tyrant.    On February 25, 2010 let us re-tell their stories.

On Thursday, we are enjoining all young Filipinos to blog about the stories of the real heroes of EDSA: our parents, grandparents, ates and kuyas, titos and titas, ninong and ninangs.

We may have been too young then or were not even born yet, but we can ask them to recount their tales of real-life heroism to us. What prompted them to join the uprising? What were their thoughts and feelings? What did they wear, eat, chant? How did it feel to be able to be surrounded by overwhelming unity and patriotism among millions of other heroes marching in the streets on those three historic days.

Since EDSA was mainly about the people’s resistance to martial law, you can ask them their experience during the martial law era, how they fought,  even before the culmination of the people’s mass movement that was the EDSA People Power Uprising. You may also post old photos, artworks and/or anti-martial law memorabilia.

Link your blog entries to this post and grab the button below by copying the link to mark your participation. We will start posting links of entries in our website at exactly 12:00 noon on February 25.

On February 25, let us give proper honor and citation to the millions of Filipinos who made EDSA People Power possible. ###


“Never forget the glory that was EDSA Dos”

Today is a part of  a long week celebebration of the people’s victory on People Power2 or EDSA Dos as we all know. Where we, the peole won the fight against the curropt tyranny of the for President Joseph Estrada. Not only we celebrate it in the street throgh protest rally’s but also here in the blogosphere.

Below is a message from the College Editor’s Guild of The Philippines.

January 21, 2009

“Never forget the glory that was EDSA Dos”

Youth call for social change on EDSA Dos Anniversary

Youth ACT Now (Youth for Accountability and Truth Now) today commemorated the EDSA Dos/People Power 2 uprising by holding a short symbolic program at the People Power Monument along EDSA.

According to Youth ACT Now spokesperson and National Union of Students of the Philippines national president Alvin Peters, “Our youth of this generation should never forget the glory that was EDSA Dos. EDSA Dos was a fight against corruption and bad governance. It was the nation’s unity in action for change in leadership in the hope that such a change would usher in significant reforms in society. What transpired after EDSA Dos was not the fault of the uprising itself.”

For his part, League of Filipino Students chairperson Vencer Crisostomo said, “Today, we commemorate EDSA Dos by accepting the challenge of campaigning for social change. During these times of unprecedented crisis, it is time to raise the ante of our dissent. A new brand of people power is at hand, that is not only about ousting one president in favor of a successor. One that does not only question certain aspects of society but delves into the ills that has perennially plundered our nation and continue to threaten the youth of a future that is just, democratic and peaceful.”

Anakbayan chairperson Ken Ramos, meanwhile, delivered a message to young people who were too young to participate in the EDSA Dos uprising. “Our constituents may now be hailed as ‘veterans of EDSA Dos.’ Still, we have youth now who have been too young to participate in the uprising. What, then, would the spirit and legacy of EDSA Dos hold for them? Our vision is to achieve a society where an EDSA People Power need not transpire. A moral, political, economic, cultural and societal revolution is needed to challenge and change the status quo.”

Youth ACT Now is an umbrella alliance of student councils, campus publications, national youth organizations, religious youth and youth parties nationwide. ###

Alvin Peters, 09206209362
Vencer Crisostomo, 09228262606
Ken Ramos, 09215129678

Meanwhile, Yesterday; January 19,2009 a Forum was initiated by Blogger’s Kapihan, a group of progressive bloggers to commemorate and remember the uprising of People on EDSA DOS. The forum was lead by legislator Satur Ocampo and former student leader Cristina Palabay.



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The Youth is on a Mission to Rock Philippine Politics. Be part.

no to CONASS!

2010 is nearing and as expected by many..CHACHA is now being pushed by the shameful CONASS! I would like to adress my shame to our Congressman Roman T. Romulo of Pasig for supporting the very unconstitutional CHACHA through the passing of HR 1109.

Come and join the widespread campaign of protesting against CONASS! Let us blog and post to all of our social networking sites such as Friendster, Multiply, Facebook our rage against the hasty passing of HR 1109.

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